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WE don’t just code…

Weren’t not just here as a technical bunch writing code behind closed doors.  Our goal is not just to support your website but to partner with you as you grow; helping out with marketing strategy, brainstorming, training and most importantly driving more passionate people to get involved with your mission.  We offer the most comprehensive customer support available in the web industry! Let us help you shine.

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What our support clients get

All packages Include


We have partnered with Treepl and WPEasy for top-of-the-line dedicated server space. Your website will be safe and fast.



We will add additional spam blockers and security onsite so you can rest knowing that your website will be safe for your customers.


Your website will be backed up and saved everyday. If you ever mess something or need to roll-back for whatever reason, it’s a click away.


Need a design update or feature added? You’ll receive a significant discount to our hourly rate in a pay-as-you-go model. Simply reach out to us and we’ll be there.


peer support

We run a private community support group in Facebook that you will be invited to participate in. Here, you’ll find trainings, tips and be able to rub elbows with others just like you.


Websites are like cars, they require upgrades and updates to the plugin modules and core framework on a regular basis. We will handle all of these updates for you.

need custom support

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more support time

Need more hours each month for marketing strategy, new features or ideas? We’ll create a plan that fits you.


Include SEO

Adding Search Engine Optimization support to your plan can greatly increase your online visibility above your competition.

Include Social media

Can’t keep up with the constant need for Facebook, Instagram and other social media marketing posts? We’ll do it for you.

bring your own platform

Need to stay with your existing platform, website and host and wanting support on your terms? We do that too.

In Person Training

Just want to learn how to do it yourself? We offer group and one:one training in a private online environment as well as in person.

Why Choose Us?

Sounds strange, but we don’t care if you buy a website or any other specific services from us.  Our primary goal is empower you and your organization to acheive your mission, change lives and make a difference in the world. Our role in this is to provide you will all the technical, marketing and strategic support you need to do so.

Local Team

Our team is located here in Coeur d’Alene right across the way from you. We you need help, we will quickly respond and if you need to see a face, we’re here.


Fast support

Our advanced help desk ticketing system allows you to send all requests to one email address and receive an immediate tracked response with set escalation times.

All-In-One Treepl CMS

Our Treepl website solution is everything you need to stay on top of your game in one place: website, donor and volunteer management, email marketing, workflows, events, social and data specific reporting with ONE login.

wordpress experts

While many companies offer support for all different kinds of platforms and websites – We build only two: WordPress for start-up and small organizations and own Treepl Non-Profit CMS.  Narrowing our focus to only these two platforms enables us to be very effective at helping our clients and their organizations to secure funding, manage their donors and volunteers, build an outstanding reputation and deliver the data that highlights their postive outcomes.

what our clients say…

strategic planning support

“Daun was able to work within each of our abilities and helped us create a strategic plan and actions to take next allowing us to begin actualizing the vision we had as a team.  I can’t emphasize enough my belief in Fyrefly Group’s capabilities to help other organizations like ours.”

Anthony Beers

Director of Operations, AmericanPharma

an Excellent experience

“My decision to go with Fyrefly Group to developing and expanding my WordPress website was completely worth it. Their design process is simple, organized and I was always kept upto date. After launch, I’ve worked with Fyrefly to make any needed changes to my website – I’ve even learned how to DIY on my own.”

Libby Hugo

RDN, Libby Hugo

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