Most nonprofits consider events as an instrumental part of their fundraising strategy. Events help cement your relationship with your donors, and also aid in augmenting funds. Text-to-give is a popular form of mobile giving that nonprofits can use to boost the success of their fundraising events. In this post you will learn how to use this method to boost returns on your events with text-to-give.

How Text-to-Give Works

Text-to-give is a fast and easy method of making donations. Your organization creates a unique text number and trigger  (via a software) that you’ll share with supporters. When donors send a text message to that number, they’ll receive an automatic reply with a link to your mobile-friendly donation page. From there, the supporter completes their donation. Text-to-give is especially helpful for events, because it reduces the stress for donors of having to manually type in your URL into a mobile browser.

Prepare Your Mobile-Friendly Donation Page

As part of your event planning, create a specific donation page for the event. Your event’s page should be organized in a way that provides a streamlined, fast process for supporters at your event to complete a donation. Since you’ll be sharing information about your organization and your program or project, you don’t need a lot of information on this page. But you do need to include several important features:

Mobile-Friendliness—Your donation page must look appealing on all mobile devices. You don’t want supporters getting swayed by tiny images or text. Responsive design automatically resizes elements to appear in high definition on small screens. The navigation menu should also be easily accessible on a smartphone or tablet.

Simplicity and Ease—Making the donation process effortless will raise the number of completed donations. Minimize the number of clicks required to go through the donation process, and only include essential form fields. Adding suggested donation amounts will make donating more convenient as well.

Impact Labels—Along with suggested donation amounts, don’t forget impact labels. People are more likely to donate if they can tell in specific terms how their money intends to help. This  information will be related at your event and through your storytelling, so include it on your donation page as well.

Recurring Gift Option—Make recurring donations easy by including a way for donors to set up an automatic payment for recurring donations.

Be Clear About the Purpose of the Event

Make sure that supporters are aware of the specific program or project your event is promoting. Tell stories, share photos and videos, and communicate the aftereffects that donations will have on the work. The more specific and concrete you are, the more eager supporters will be to contribute a donation.

Minimize Distractions Around the Ask

A lot usually goes on during an event: music, food, volunteers assisting, etc. It typically takes about 15 minutes to go over the instructions for text-to-give and then for supporters to make their decisions and complete their donations. During these 15 minutes, it is crucial that supporters are not distracted. The schedule should be organized in a way that no food is being served during that time, the music should be turned down, and other distractions should be reduced to the minimum.

Present the Giving Instructions in a Variety of Ways

People absorb information in different ways. Some are more inclined towards auditory instructions, while others prefer the visual. In addition to going over the instructions in your presentation, place visual instruction cards on tables, and post placards with simple visual instructions around the room. Make adequate use of your presentation to demonstrate the process to your donors.

Arrange for Matching Gifts

Gift-matching always kick-starts donations. Identify a few of your loyal donors who are planning to make significantly-sized gifts and create a matching donation fund for each text-to-give donation made at the event. Announce the fund at the event to increase the urgency of giving.

Text-to-give is a seamless way of improving donations due to the convenience it provides supporters with. It is also a fun way to inflate the excitement around giving!