Have you noticed a lack of innovation in your company lately?  Why is that?  If you’re like many other entrepreneurs and small business, you’re mos likely hyper-focused on efficiency, cost, and short-term growth rather than a culture of innovation and creativity.  This mindset leaves little room for exciting ideas to emerge!

In order to be innovative and grow, companies like yours can use their size and culture to quickly develop and apply emergent and creative ideas. Here’s a simple list to follow so you can out-create much larger organizations and empower a climate for innovation.

Get Comfortable with Risk

Being innovative requires taking some risks and trying new things. Yes, some won’t work out. Know that everything you try helps you figure out the things that do work and what will most definitely help your business grow!

Smaller is Better

Maybe you’ve been leery of being innovative.  Innovations don’t need to be big and daring. Set small and immediate goals to meet. Your innovations can be incremental things that are close to your current activities of your business.  

Lean into Uncertainty

As you know, nothing is a sure thing when it comes to business.  This principal holds true with innovation.  Businesses that are at ease with change and ambiguity succeed the most with innovation.  So go ahead and lean into uncertainty while fostering an environment of exploration, experimentation, and invention.

Build on What Already Exists

 Take heart, you do not have to recreate the wheel. The innovative ideas businesses should generate are ensuring you create new value for clients. Don’t worry if it looks like something old newly packaged or is borrowed from others in your industry. The best innovators learn how to combine existing things differently or transfer concepts from others.

Measure your Innovation

Keep a record of the results. How are the innovative ideas helping your business and your customers?  Is your client base growing?  Are your leads and sales increasing? expanding? What are others saying about your business?  Are you getting more exposure and PR? How is innovation helping motivate your team members to come up with additional creative ideas?

Allow your creative juices to flow and be amazed how it impacts all areas of your business and value for your customers!